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We live in an era when operating systems, programs, applications,
i.e. computers in general, including so-called handy smartphones, tablets, and other devices,
cannot be used just as carefree and lightly as in the past, when I was a little boy, for example.
Think about it.

Brief Bio
Lubomir Polascin {Pronounsed Lyubomeer Polashtcheen} Ľubomír Polaščín
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Do Not use any Phone Numbers to contact me, please, unless you belong to my personal privat or work circle. Thank you!
Medical Doctor specialized in Nephrology, atested in Internal Medicine in the Slovak Republic. Abdominal ultrasonography in adults. Dialysis, Blood Purification Therapies, Dialytic Vascular Access Ultrasonography, Extracorporeal and Intracorporeal Elimination Therapies, Renal Replacement Therapies (Hemodialysis, Hemodiafiltration, Hemofiltration, Selective Absorption an Adsorption Treatments, Membrane Plasma Separation - Plasmapheresis, Peritoneal Dialysis, Kidney Transplant), Teaching and Lecturing on these fields, Internal Medicine, Diabetology, Cardiology, Vascular Surgery, and associated fields of medicine.
English - Slovak and vice versa Language Translator specialized in Medicine, Pharmacology, Medical Localization, and associated areas.
Personal Computers, Computer Science, Algorithmization, Programming and Coding, HTML, PHP, CSS, SQL, Web Design. Information Technology, Internet and Communication Technology, Office and Database Application Software, Relation Databases, Operating Systems, UNIX, Linux, Free Open-Source Software (FOSS). Artificial Intelligence Enthusiast.
I love reading books of various arts a lot, science-fiction, fantasy, historical, biographies, factographic, horror stories, and also books on personal development, psychotronics, occultism, magic and witchcraft, mysticism. I like learning foreign languages, travelling, language as phoenomena, and studying philosophy. I read and write poetry. I live my life avoiding politics and religion as much as possible, and the associated hatred and envy (not exclusively), if possible, and toxic people and relationships. I love being at sun, rain, water, sea, beach, forest and similar things of life on Earth.

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